vSphere and vCenter Server 5.5 update 2 released

…. so instead of giving us all vSphere/vCenter Server 6.0, we’re treated to another update of 5.5…… =(


Anyways, the new update now supports hosts with up to 6TB of RAM…. yes, that’s 6 terabytes!!! (I’ll be interested to find out if any of my clients will take advantage of this!!)

vCenter Server can now also support Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

There’s also a new ‘container’ within the Web client home page that allows you to integrate with vCHS (or vCloud Air as it’s now called).

The other bit of big news if that the vSphere client no longer supports Windows XP or Vista…. which means those of you still running those archaic operating systems need to update!

All-in-all, not really much to write home about……. Come on VMware, release version 6.0 to the world!!! =)

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